Carrier paper bags from Bluepack are recognized for their innovation. Their attractive look and competitive prices make them a great choice to showcase your creative graphic design. With eco-ethics being the core of our mission, it is not only the bags that are ecological, but the entire production process is among the cleanest in the industry.

Bluepack paper bags are the perfect alternative to plastic bags. They include the fusion of economic, ecological and qualitative benefits.

Thanks to the unique production methods, Bluepack bag uses less material than a standard paper bag. As a result, the final bag takes up less space which means fewer pallets for transportation, less warehouse space for storage and less handling operations overall.

Bluepack paper bags can be fully customized to fit your products. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and formats.

Why Bluepack bags?

Bluepack paper bag is a sustainable packaging, reducing transport and storage demands. The bag is very sturdy and serves as an effective advertisement media.  

  • Innovative and elegant design
  • Saves material and space
  • Wide range of sizes and formats
  • Ecological solution

Get more with standard features! We offer our bags with special features that enhance the bag’s performance and design.  

Turned over top adds strength to the edges and gives the bag an elegant look. It is printable, opting for clients to use this additional marketing space for web addresses and social media contacts.  

Twisted color paper or printed flat handles uniquely complement the design of your bag.

Special technology coupled with the glues used allow our bags to carry up to 10kg.   

Die cut handles are suitable for lighter items. Since they fold flatter, they are great at saving transport and storage space.

Tear off glue strips can be added to any bag as an innovative sealing method. When used on “gift bags” they provide a secure option during the whole process starting from packing to customer’s final delivery. “Click & collect” bags have a special sealing tape which allows the bag to be re-opened/re-sealed. It lets the customer to open the bag upon pick-up, check its content and seal it again for a journey home.

Curved corners on either top, bottom or both can be added to all bag formats. Totally eye catching, they enhance to the bag’s uniqueness and make it stand out from the crowd.  

Using flexographic print technology, we can print up to 6 colors including varnish. All inks and varnishes are ecological, water based.   

The right graphic design is decisive when it comes to the final bag appearance. Our system of graphic templates and 3D modeling means designs are processed quickly and removes the need for costly print trials. See how your design works in minutes, not days.  

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